Portable Toilets & Hand Wash Stations

Portable Toilets

We are Happy to provide the cleanest portable toilets and hand wash stations in Southern Utah. Our service can cover anything from big events with 50 toilets to single toilet construction projects. Nobody wants to use a stinky, dirty toilet with no toilet paper, so we keep our portables in great condition and can service as many times you need. Give us a call for a quote today.  

Hand Wash Stations

Keep your hands clean after using the restroom with our awesome hand wash stations. Add them to your order of porta-potties and we’ll drop them off together full of water and a bar of soap or if you just need hand wash stations we are happy to provide those as well. 


We provide clean, good smelling toilets stocked with enough toilet paper for any event need. Do you have a wedding, sporting event, concert, church activity, or family gathering coming up? Give us a call and we will take care of all your toilet and hand washing needs.

Construction Sites

We have provided toilets for all different types of construction projects ranging from single house projects to highway road construction and everything in between. We will drop off the cleanest toilets and service as much as your site needs, providing toilet paper, new water, a good cleaning and smell you will love.