Septic Services

Experienced Professionals

Here at TNT Waste we know that keeping your septic tank in good working order is key to keeping your home or business in good working order. We help you inspect and maintain your system so that it continues to work well. We’ll also pump it when it gets full and perform any necessary repairs as they come up as well as any other maintenance your system needs.

Septic Tank Inspections

We recommend getting your septic tank inspected every other year to make sure everything is working properly. You’ll thank yourself for avoiding emergencies like water coming out of your drains and your house or business smelling like sewage. We also do inspections when buying or selling homes. We check:

  • Sewage/sludge level and thickness
  • Ensure your drain lines are working properly and aren’t clogged or leaking
  • Make sure all parts of your system are working the way the manufacturer intended them to work 
  • Look for any cracks in your tank 
  • Make sure your leach field is working properly

Septic Tank Pumping 

When the time comes to pump your septic tank out, we will get the job done for you. We are septic tank specialists and will get your waste removed quickly and efficiently. We know this isn’t something you want to deal with so get an expert to get the job done.  We take care of your poop so you don’t have to.

Septic Tank Repairs

If something isn’t working properly on your septic tank, we’ll bring in experts to get it fixed, fast. No matter what has gone wrong, we’ll assess the situation, then let you know what’s up. We’ll bring in whoever we need to get your septic system up and running again soon, so it won’t interfere with your life any more than is absolutely necessary.

Other Septic Services

We provide other services such as leach field repairs, water jetting through your drains and septic tank installs. Feel free to give us a call for any service and we will be more than happy to assist you with what you need.